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Pro Singles 501
1st Darin Young
2nd Mark Livolsi

Draw Doubles 501
1st Jim Widmayer/Michael Guglielu
2nd Dave Switzer/ Chuck Carroll

Open Doubles Cricket
1st Darin Young/ Tom Sawyer
2nd Gordon Dixon/ Chris Russano

Ladies Doubles Cricket
1st Cali West/ Robin Curry
2nd Marcia Loche/ Marilyn Popp

Mens Singles 501
1st Tom Sawyer
2nd Joe Swick

Ladies Singles 501
1st Robin Curry
2nd Niki Carey

Mixed Triples
1st Darin Young/ Tom Sawyer/ Marilyn Popp
2nd David Hascup/ John Daddio/ Kim LeDuc

Mens Draw Doubles
1st John Kuczynski/ DJ Sayre
2nd Dave Switzer/ Craig Augustine

Ladies Pro-Am
1st Marilyn Popp/ Kristin Carlson/ Erica Schollin
2nd Kim LeDuc/ Gianna Conrad/ Virginia Rose

Mixed Doubles 501
1st John Kuczynski/ Cali West
2nd Ed Shoepe/ Colleen Eldredge

Open Doubles 501
1st Darin Young/ Tom Sawyer
2nd Anthony Belloise/ TJ DeArmas

Ladies Doubles 501
1st Cali West/ Robin Curry
2nd Bette Cunningham/ Debbie Driscoll

Mens Singles Cricket
1st Gordon Dixon
2nd Brandon Rogers

Ladies Singles Cricket
1st Cali West
2nd Marilyn Popp

The $10,000 2011 Long Island Fall Classic will be held at the Holiday Inn at MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma, Ny on Nov 25-27, 2011.  The last ADO National Cricket Qualifier will be held at the LIFC on Friday Nov 25.


Latest results from the $20,000 USA Dart Classic

Mens Singles 501                                                    Ladies Singles 501
1st Joey ten Berge                                                  1st Stacy Bromberg  
2nd Steve Panuncialman                                     2nd Marilyn Popp

Pro Singles 501                                                       Draw Doubles 501
1st Ralph McCool                                                   1st Sheldon Lionel/Levi Remick
2nd Larry Butler                                                     2nd John Kuczynski/ David Collins

Open Doubles Cricket                                           Ladies Doubles Cricket
1st Dan Olsen/ Chris White                                 1st Stacy Bromberg/ Cindy Pardy
2nd Brian Blake/ Robbie Phillips                     2nd Jackie Clarke/ Suzanna Kovach

Mixed Triples 501
1st Stacy Bromberg/ Darin Young/ Jim Widmayer
2nd Robin Curry/ Steve Brown/ Ryan Barnette

Mixed Doubles 501                                             Open Doubles 501
1st Stacy Bromberg/ Darin Young                1st Darin Young/ Jim Widmayer
2nd Tim O’Gorman/ Marcia Loche                2nd Tim Grossman/ Jerry VanLoan

Ladies Doubles 501
1st Stacy Bromberg/ Cindy Pardy
2nd Cali West/ Robin Curry 

Mens Singles Cricket                                            Ladies Singles Cricket
1st Darin Young                                                     1st Cindy Pardy
2nd Sheldon Lionel                                              2nd Stacy Bromberg