The 2012 $10,000 NY/NJ Open is underway at the Holiday Inn MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma, NY on Jan 13-15, 2012

Pro Singles 501                                           Draw Doubles 501
1st Darin Young                                          1st Darin Young/ Trish Hanna
2nd Tom Sawyer                                         2nd Tyler West/ Sylvain Beaulieu

Open Doubles Cricket                                          Ladies Doubles Cricket
1st Tom Sawyer/ Darin Young                        1st Suzanna Kovach/ Jackie Clarke
2nd Ryan Vanderweit/ Todd Bumgarner   2ndGloria Gutierrez/ Holly Frary

Mens 501 Singles                                                  Ladies 501 Singles
1st Jim Widmayer                                                1st Gloria Gutierrez
2nd John Kuczynski                                            2nd Vicki Briggs

Mixed Triples 601
1st Ryan Vanderweit/ Todd Bumgarner/ Courtney Irwin
2nd Jim Widmayer / Tim O’Gorman/ Marcia Loche

Draw Doubles                                                                           Mixed Doubles
1st Todd Bumgarner/ Jason Hall                                     1st Darin Young/ Marilyn Popp
2nd Jim Widmayer/ Paul Achenbach                            2nd Ryan Vanderweit/ Laura Vicari

Open Doubles 501                                                                  Ladies Doubles 501
1st Todd Bumgarner/ Ryan Vanderweit                       1st Marcia Loche/ Marilyn Popp
2nd Darin Young/ Tom Sawyer                                        2nd Colleen Eldridge/ Maria George

Mens Singles Cricket                                                              Ladies Singles Cricket
1st Tom Sawyer                                                                        1st Marilyn Popp
2nd Todd Bumgarner                                                            2nd Bette Cunningham

NY Open ’12 – Flyer

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